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5 best restaurants in San Juan with outdoor seating

Enjoy a gastronomic experience outdoors in these open-air restaurants in San Juan that are local foodie favorites.  

Travelers are understandably concerned about the Omicron variant amid the still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, restaurants with outdoor seating could mitigate some concerns about air ventilation while dining. 

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that increased circulation of outdoor air could reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19, including outdoor seating. With safety in mind, here are our top picks for open-air restaurants in Puerto Rico’s exciting capital city and popular tourist region of San Juan. 


Sobao by Los Cidrines

Breakfast // Brunch

$ $ $ $ | 1369 Ashford Ave, San Juan

One of the leading brands in Puerto Rico’s bakery industry, Sobao by Los Cidrines is known for its quality and service. Established in 1978, the restaurant and bakery has put a modern spin on their three locations in the San Juan area (Condado, Santurce and San Francisco neighborhoods). It has maintained its authentic 1970s vibe while upgrading its menu and space with a touch of modernity. The “Sobao Style” Mallorca (Puerto Rican sweet bread roll) with ham and cheese is a bestseller. Locals also recommend the classic jamón, queso y huevo (ham, cheese and egg) with semi-sweet Sobao bread. Enjoy your sandwich in their locations’ outdoor patio where there’s ample seating. 



Lunch // Dinner

$ $ $ $ | 1807 Calle Loíza, San Juan


This colorful winery and restaurant stands out along Calle Loíza, a local hot spot for innovative bars, restaurants and concept stores. Its design and style reflect the island’s Spanish roots and emerging modern art scene. Bottega has a bold menu of gastronomic Spanish tapas. The winery’s beer menu also adds to its variety of drinks. Locals like to order the baked half chicken with Israeli couscous, as well as the gnocchi a la brava. Enjoy your meal and sip your wine on the outside terrace with open air.

Local Tip

Bottega on Loíza Street is known for its Spanish tapas and drinks. My favorite cocktail is the Island Tea Time made with acerola (tropical cherry) juice. It’s sweet, refreshing, perfect for the terrace! The Fideua dish, similar to paella but made with fideo (noodles), is AMAZING. The Rabbit Fideua is my favorite out of the various noodle options.
Gigí Nieves Bosch


La Marqueta

Lunch // Dinner

$ $ $ $ | 1005 Ashford Ave, San Juan

Few chinchorreo options come with a direct view of La Ventana al Mar (Window to the Sea)–a gorgeous view of Condado Beach. This culinary experience is unique to Puerto Rico. Friends and family explore together different storefront-style restaurants, bars or food stalls, known as chinchorros. Enjoy this modern, cozy yet open-air space while tasting the various cuisines. Enjoy a tour of La Marqueta, try unique dishes and relax with a pleasant beach backdrop.

La Marqueta features signature dishes from three of San Juan’s top restaurants: Jose Enrique, Taqueria La Sirena and Shogun Cuisine, essentially offering three chinchorro options. Each of their distinct food and drinks menus make for an eventful chinchorreo gastronomic experience.  

Everything on the menu is delicious. However, don’t leave without trying the famous Alcapurrias with Cangrejo by José Enrique. Also, if you’re a lover of Asian food, the Shogun Cuisine sushi awaits you. 

La Marqueta is a favorite spot for foodies all around! 


Ola Oceanfront Bistro

Breakfast // Brunch // Lunch

$ $ $ $ | 1055 Av. Ashford, San Juan, 00907

Ola Ocean Front Bistro is located in the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel. The restaurant offers breakfast, brunch and lunch. Dishes are made with the best local products to highlight authentic Puerto Rican flavors. The S’mores French Toast is popular with locals. At Ola’s al fresco bar, you can sip an artisan cocktail outdoors with the Atlantic Ocean as your backdrop.


Burrito Social

Lunch // Dinner

1351 Ave. Ashford San Juan, PR

Outdoor Seating

A stone’s throw from Condado Beach, this margarita bar and taqueria channels major beach vibes. The menue includes a variety of Mexican food. It serves four epic “house specialty” burritos. They include Manny’s carnitas Burrito with 9-hour braised pork, pork rinds, crispy french fries, chipotle cream sauce and other fresh ingredients. The Social Bowl is another house specialty served with your choice of protein–the nine options include beef barbacoa, grilled shrimp, seared ahi tuna and mahi mahi. 

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